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  • Jenbo USA is happy to annouce it's the premeire bulb vendor to SLR Lighting moving heads.

  • Please join us at the LDI 2010 this year. A free guest pass is available by clicking here.

  • Jenbo USA is pleased to announce our participation in the upcoming 2008 LDI Trade Show October 23rd-26th in Las Vegas , NV . LDI has been nationally recognized as the premiere trade show and conference for visual and sound technologies. 

    We look forward to showcasing an exciting display of high-intensity, high-quality lighting solutions, all competitively priced and customized to your business needs. We’d love to hear from you! Please visit us in the Exhibition Hall at Booth #1950. For more information, please visit: 

    Check out our new releases! We’ll be unveiling our high luminance metal halide lamps this year at LDI. You’ll see for yourself how our 150 and 250-watt metal halide lamps are equal to 250 and 575-watt lamps from other suppliers! 

    Also look for us at the 2008 InfoComm-Asia event in Hong Kong November 19th-21st. We look forward to meeting you at Booth # 5M1-07. For details and information, please visit:


Stage & Studio


Metal Halide Lamp


Compact high-pressure metal halid lamps designed for optimum high luminous efficacy.

Metal Halide Lamp


Compact high-pressure metal halid lamps designed for optimum high luminous efficacy.

Ceramic Discharge Metal Halide Lamp

JCL Lamp

For shop and shop windows, office and public buildings.

Projector Lamp

Ultra High Pressure Mercury Lamp

Smaller projector, using simple, cheeper and more miniature electronic control circuitry.

Electric Ballast

For Metal Halide Lamp

Series for NSK, MHK, HSR, HTI, HMI, MSD, MSR, MSI & CDM.

Pulsed Xenon Lamp

Strobe Light in Disco's

Strobe lights in disco's ranging from about 200 to 1000nm.

HID Lamp

The perfect CMH alternative for your commercial or stage/event lighting needs.

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